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Stroke Symptom

Being aware if you are experiencing a stroke symptom is extremely important as this can be a life or death situation.

You also need to know that one stroke symptom may be present while others are not, however this does not mean you should not take action and call 911 immediately. Also take note of the time you experience the sign, as you will likely be asked this upon your arrival.

The first stroke symptom that you may notice is a sudden numbness or weakness feeling in the face, arm or leg. This usually only occurs on one side of the body however it does not always have to be that way.

You may also find that you feel like you are in a state of confusion, have trouble speaking or cannot understand things all that well. This is a good sign that you may be experiencing problems and should definitely contact a doctor.

Blurred vision is another signal that some people report having beforehand. While this could be related to other factors, if it is quite intense in nature or persists then it is best to take precaution. If you also have trouble walking, feel dizzy or have a great loss of balance or coordination, again ask for help immediately.

Finally, if all of a sudden you have a very strong headache, this is problematic as well. While headaches do come and go, if this develops at a rapid pace for no known reason and you do have any of the other signals present, you really must get to a hospital as soon as possible.

Do not take this condition lightly as it can be very devastating to your health. You really must try to get to a hospital within 60 minutes in order to get treatment and prevent brain damage from occurring if in fact you are suffering from this condition.




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