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Senior Living

When thinking about senior living along with nutrition and wellness, it is really best to take a well-rounded approach. Senior living should be primarily focused around maintaining your activity levels so as to prevent a loss of muscle tissue and range of movement. Along with that, getting in a proper diet to support nutritional well-being is of great importance as well.

A senior living nutrition plan should be particularly watchful of calcium levels. It is very essential that individuals of this age group are getting the calcium their bones need in order to prevent osteoporosis from occurring. Getting adequate dairy products along with enough vitamin D will help to achieve this objective.

These people may also want to concentrate on reducing the amount of high starch carbohydrates they consume as these are typically higher in calories and since this age isn't quite as active on a daily basis as the younger population, a lower calorie intake will help them have an easier time maintaining their weight.

It would also be a good idea for these individuals to find activities that they thoroughly enjoy. At this point in their life it won't be so much about making large gains in their physical fitness levels but rather making their life more enjoyable. By participating in a moderate group activity (yoga or Tai-Chi for example) they are able to not only develop strong social contacts but get out of the house as well.

Lastly, your plan should incorporate some type of stretching activity. It is really important to focus on maintaining a large range of motion as you approach older age as the muscles do tend to tighten up and this can really cause problems. The stiffer your joints are the greater the risk of injuries and the harder it will be for you to perform simple movements. By doing some daily stretching you can offset this and help keep your body much more limber.

So make sure you have a good look at your lifestyle as you age and determine what changes you can make so you can remain healthy well into the future.




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