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Senior Health

While maintaining a proper lifestyle is important for all ages, senior health really needs to be paid attention to as at this point the body is starting to undergo quite a few changes.

The first issue with senior health is the loss of muscle tissue. As age goes on, if you become more and more sedentary you are going to see yourself beginning to lose muscle tissue. This is a natural process that happens in the body. Because since the muscles are no longer being put to use, the body sees no real reason to keep them.

Muscle is a metabolically expensive tissue to have (burns a lot of energy) so for survival mechanisms, it's better if you have less. You can offset this however, by implementing a good strength-training program into your senior health plan.

The next aspect that should be taken into consideration are social networks. Far too many individuals neglect maintaining their social ties as they grow older and this can be especially hard once feelings of loneliness begin to sink in. Try joining a few different groups or get involved more with your church organization if this applies to you.

The last thing you want to take into account, which is often neglected, is maintaining your mind. It is far too easy to fall into the same old routine day by day without challenging your mind to continue to grow and be stimulated. Try investing in a few really good reference books so you can learn something new. Not only will this spark your interest for life again since you are developing further as a person but it will keep the mind mentally sharp. This is very important as you grow increasingly older.

So develop a few different habits that promote optimal wellness in your life starting today.




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