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Pregnancy Symptom

If you have been trying to conceive a baby lately, you should know what the various pregnancy symptom types you may experience are.

First off, you should always be monitoring your menstruation dates, as that is obviously the most common pregnancy symptom women notice; they don't get their period when it's due.

The next pregnancy symptom you may notice is that you have tender, swollen breasts. While some women do have a tendency to get these around their periods, if it is persistent on a daily basis there could be more to it.

Another sign is a sudden increase in fatigue. If you find that you are feeling fatigued, first look at what your diet has been like lately along with your sleep and exercise patterns. If nothing has changed in those regards, this could be a good indication you have conceived a child.

Then the other more typical signs you often hear women complaining about during their pregnancy, nausea or vomiting, frequent urination and an increase in bloating, are all signals that can show up relatively early in the conception process.

You may also find that you have an enhanced sensitivity to odours. Some women notice certain foods (coffee for example) have a tendency to nauseate them. Normally they are fine around these foods but upon conceiving they prove to be problematic.

Lastly, your basal temperature might stay higher than it normally is. Take your reading on a few different occasions to be sure as there are many other factors that can influence it as well. If it is repetitively high however, it may be time to take a drug store test to confirm your suspicion - and then have a professional test done with a doctor to follow.




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