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Sign of Pregnancy

It is a smart idea to make sure you know what the sign of pregnancy is if you are currently trying to conceive. It can be a frustrating time when trying to have a baby and it doesn't seem like it is working. Many couples do take a while for the conception process to be successful so relax in knowing that you are not alone its always useful to have a pregnancy test during this stage as well.

The first sign of pregnancy you should know about is when you are most fertile. As this is definitely a signal that you should be trying at that point, it is important to track your monthly schedule. If your periods are usually normal, you will be most fertile right after the egg has been released from the ovaries, which occurs about 14 days before your period begins. This is variable however from woman to woman and could be anywhere between 12 and 16 days.

The next sign of pregnancy could be, in some women, implant bleeding. This will occur about six to twelve days after conception and will be a small amount of spotting accompanied by abdominal cramping.

If you all of a sudden start noticing that you are experiencing headaches more than usual, this could be anther signal that you have conceived. This is likely due to the increase in natural hormones that are accompanying the changes going on in your body.

Food cravings are another signal that some women report. While the individual cravings that the person has can vary greatly, you may find that you do definitely have cravings for foods that normally you wouldn't. At the same time, you might feel nauseated at even the thought of foods you normally would eat, but now don't have any desire for.

So if you and your partner have been trying to create a baby, watch out for these common signals that could show that you have succeeded.




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