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Arthritis Treatment

There are a few different approaches you can take in your arthritis treatment program. As always it will be best to follow whatever specific guidelines your doctor has set out for you as they will know your individual condition and what you will likely respond best with.

After you have been accurately diagnosed with the disease, the first arthritis treatment options are usually aimed at reducing the pain and swelling that is seen around the tissues of the body. This would include doing things like applying heat and ice to the area, going for physiotherapy treatments and using ultrasound to bring down the inflammation as well as adjusting your diet and exercise program so it is one that promotes a reduction in inflammation rather than a flare up.

Medications can also be prescribed as part of your arthritis treatment if needed and are usually quite beneficial, though they can get costly.

If you have a significant amount of damage to the joints and are in a great deal of pain, your doctor may also refer you to an orthopaedic surgeon as these individuals specialize in surgical procedures related to the joints and skeletal body. They would be able to perform an operation on whatever joints, tendons, ligaments or cartilage is being affected and hopefully help to relieve a good portion of the pain and other symptoms.

Lastly you may also look into getting some acupuncture done as this can also be an effective way to deal with the disorder. While there is no scientific evidence that this does in deed reduce inflammation, many people do report feeling much better after going for a few sessions and continue to make the disease more manageable by keeping it ongoing. Massage again is similar in nature to acupuncture in that it has no real scientific method behind it however, relaxing many of the muscles in the body that could be tense and therefore are putting tension on the ligaments could drastically decrease the amount of pain that is felt with this condition. Massages can also help to increase the blood flow to the affected area, brining more oxygen and nutrients to the cartilage and helping the regeneration process.




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