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Lower back exercise

One of the most compound lifts, the lower back exercise called a deadlift is a great movement to include in any workout routine. Even though it would be classified as a lower back exercise it also will work your hamstring muscles as well as your upper body slightly since you will still need to use your arm strength in order to hoist the wait upwards.

To begin a deadlift, place a barbell or a set of dumbbells right in front of your feet. Next ensure that you are using a stance that is slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your knees relaxed and not locked into place. They should not bend all that much though as this would change the movement to a type of deadlift that is much more focused on the quad muscle.

Using an overhand grip and keeping elbows straightened but not locked, raise the weight up with your body until you are fully erect and the barbell or dumbbells are resting against your thighs. Make sure while you are performing the up portion of this lift that you try and keep your spine as straight as possible. If it helps think of looking straight forward with your head to prevent a roundness in this area of the body from occurring.

Once you are at the top, pause for a moment and then slowly lower the weight back down once again to complete that rep. Note that you should never drop the weight on the floor as this is both dangerous to you and also disruptive to the others who are working out at your gym. You should always be lowering in a controlled fashion and the weight should just hover above the ground in between reps. Only place it directly only the floor between your two sets.

So if you are looking to strengthen this body part, make the deadlift a core part of your workout routine.




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