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Lower back workouts

It is very important that you create lower back workouts to improve strength and aid muscle development. This is a very common body part to experience pain in and if you do it could be a chronic, dehabilitating condition.

So ensure you create effective lower back workouts, as the first thing to take into consideration when thinking of your lower back health is how many high impact activities you are involved in. If you are frequently participating in running, jumping, heavy weight lifting workouts (the performing of squats and deadlifts for example) then there is a much higher chance of you experiencing an injury.

Runners in particular need to watch out because every time they take a step while running there is more than three times their body weight coming down on them, much of it focused on their lower back. Getting a very good supportive pair of running shoes is a good way to prevent pain along with ensuring you are working cross training into your program so as to give your body a rest every so often from the impact.

The second big factor you should think about is your posture. If you have a very bad habit of maintaining a swayed back position, where the pelvis rotates forwards creating a large curve, the additional pressure on your vertebra will be quite high. You always must try and maintain proper alignment of the spinal column to prevent pain. To help you do this, practice standing flat against a wall feet shoulder width apart and arms down by yours sides. Next, try squeezing the stomach muscle and pulling the hips up so that there is no space between the wall and your body. Focus on how this position feels and then try and maintain it when you are moving around normally.

So be sure you are always consciously aware of this part of the body whenever you are performing exercises or movements as you go about your day. If you do experience pain, see a doctor or physiotherapist as soon as possible so that it can be corrected before it gets worse. If you do take preventative measures though you should be able to stay injury free and lead an active lifestyle for a long time to come.




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