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Reverse Hypers

What it does?

An exercise to help strengthen and improve flexibility in the lower back. It is important to include back exercises in your workout to help prevent injuries and improve posture.

What you need?

A swiss ball

How do you do it?

- Start off by lying on your front on the swiss ball
- Gently roll yourself forward so that your hips and thighs are resting on the ball
- Place your hands on the floor in front of you about shoulder width apart
- Holding yourself in that position, gently lift your heels into the air
- Contract your lower back and bum muscles to raise your legs to just above the horizontal level of the body
- Pause at the top and lower your legs back down.

Key Points

- Ensure the movement is slow and controlled to avoid losing your balance
- Avoid over-arching your back at the top of the movement



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