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Wide Grip Pull Up

What it does?

Pull-ups are a great exercise for strengthening your arms. Using a wide grip will place emphasis on your biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back muscles.

What you need?

A pull-up station/bar

How do you do it?

- Hang from a pull-up bar gripping it with your palms facing away from you and hands wider than shoulder width apart
- Begin to pull yourself up so that your chin goes above the level of the bar
- From the top, lower yourself back down to the start position
- Do 3 sets of 4-6 reps to start with

Key Points

- Avoid swinging to pull yourself up, concentrate on using your arms
- Make sure the movement is slow and controlled
- This is more difficult than a close grip pull-up so you may wish to use an assisted pull-up station



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