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Biceps Program

Including a biceps program with your upper body workouts is a great way to ensure you are getting a well-rounded exercise session. Since this muscle group will help you with a lot of your back movements, including the back movements first and then adding in your biceps program will save you time and effort.

The amount of additional work you need strictly isolating this muscle will be reduced and therefore you will see more results for less time.

The first exercise to include in your biceps program is a bent over row using an overhand grip. This will target both intended muscles more than an underhand grip, which focuses in more on the latissimus muscle instead. Try and lift as heavy of a weight as you can for this exercise as the back muscles are fairly strong and can handle it.

Next you will likely want to perform a pull-down or even better, a pull-up. For this exercise, an underhand grip is most desirable. If you cannot perform a full pull-up yourself, ask a friend to help you by grabbing your legs and pressing in the upwards direction.

Aim for three to four sets of these major movements, with six to eight reps each.

Next add in your isolated exercises such as curls, hammer curls (done with palms facing towards the centre), EZ bar curls or rope curls. Each of these will target the muscle from a slightly different angle and provide a unique stressor so it's important to alternate between them in your sessions.

If you included one to two of those movements in addition to the stated ones above, you would create for yourself an excellent training plan for your arm muscle. Be sure to add the stretching exercises in for this muscle group as well to help lengthen the muscle after you work it.




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