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Bicep Stretch

One movement that is commonly left out of a fitness program is a biceps stretch. A biceps stretch exercise is one that should be included whenever you work your upper body as this muscle group, whether or not directly targeted, will play a role in most upper body lifts.

The first biceps stretch to perform can be done anywhere you like and begins in a standing position. Next you clasp your hands behind your back so your palms are together and then straighten the arms and rotate them inwards (so palms are now facing down). Raise the arms up away from the body as far as you can and hold this position.

If you would like to feel this movement more then you could get a partner to stand behind you and apply a small amount of pressure on the arms, helping further enhance the tension felt or else you could also do this same movement only bending over at the waist and moving the arms over your head. Because gravity will play a role when you do this, the exercise will be enhanced.

If you would rather sit down while accomplishing your goal, sit on a mat and place the arms directly behind you. Try and position your hands so that the fingers are facing away from you and are about shoulder width apart. Next you will slowly move the hips forward until you start feeling tension in the upper arm and shoulder area. Hold that position for thirty seconds, relax and then repeat again.

So make sure you have at least one of these exercises in your program so you don't suffer from inflexibility or delayed onset of muscle soreness.




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