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Only One Whey To Build Muscle

With higher protein diets becoming more and more popular, we look at the tow most common forms of protein used in supplements - whey and casein. Is there any difference between them? It turns out that there is a big difference.

High protein diets have been attracting a great deal of media attention lately - they are said to help in weight loss, and also be more effective for strength training athletes.

While many dieticians advocate getting all your protein from the food you eat, and this is certainly an admirable approach, it often does not fit the reality of people's lives. So if you find that you are struggling to eat enough protein, you will most likely wind up looking at protein supplements.

All body builders and most athletes know that getting sufficient protein is an important factor in muscle growth, and many turn to protein supplements to increase the protein in their diet.

But with so many different products to choose from, how do you know which type of protein you should be using?

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