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Side effects of viagra

As with all prescription based drugs, you must be aware of the side effects of Viagra before you rush headlong into taking it. From risk factors to possible adverse reactions, find out more with thefitmap.co.uk.

When considering the side effects of Viagra, it is important to make sure that other medical conditions won't contribute to the effects of the drug. For instance, it is known that erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases have common risk factors, therefore individuals who suffer from both ailments may also see an increase of the side effects of Viagra.

It is important that this medication should not be taken in conjunction with certain other medicines including those containing nitrates. It should also be used with extreme care in patients who get angina (heart pain) when they exercise. It is best that patients inform their doctor if they plan to use it in conjunction with other medicines. It is also important not to exceed the maximum recommended dose as this will not improve its efficiency, but may instead increase the chances of some adverse reactions coming to light.

When taken at the recommended dose, clinical trials have proven some common reactions are mainly mild or moderate and are usually brief. They include:

  • headaches
  • facial flushing
  • indigestion due to acid regurgitation
  • mild effects on vision, such as making bright lights appear brighter. Because of the possible effect it can have on vision, patients should see how the react to the medication before driving and operating machinery. As a side note, this medication should never be used if you suffer from the rare eye disorder called retinitis pigmentosa as it can adversely effect your eyesite.
As long as this drug is used correctly and your doctor is informed of its use, this drug can be a help to those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.




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