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Yoga teacher course

Becoming a yoga course teacher gives you the chance to train the teachers of the future.

However this is not a career for everyone. To even be eligible to become a yoga course teacher you would need the following:

  • Recognised instructor certification - the only such certification which confers eligibility is the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) diploma.
  • Extensive experience instructing students of all levels.
This would then allow you to take the BWY Diploma Course Tutor training programme, the prerequisite for teaching student teachers in yoga.

If you come from a style other than those currently accredited by BWY, you can take the BWY Integration Course for Yoga Teachers. This ten week training programme allows instructors trained though another tradition or organisation to acquire BWY accreditation.

This is essential not only for the Diploma Course Tutor programme, but also for any teaching jobs with organisation that require REPS level 2 certification.

The BWY course is the only one recognised by REPS, and is now required by all Local Education Authorities and Local Health Authorities.

The alternative to this route is to consider specialising via the various post-diploma modules. These include:

  • Teaching Yoga to Children
  • Pregnancy
  • Post-Pregnancy
  • Teaching Yoga in Prisons
  • Meditation
  • There is also a new course now available, the Advanced Diploma in Special Needs, which covers areas such as autism and other specific disabilities.




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