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The FIA - Fitness Industry Association

Established back in 1991, The Fitness Industry Association, or FIA, is a representative for both private and public organisations that are involved in the fitness industry.


The mission of the Fitness Industry Association is to promote a healthier and more physically active nation through raising standards within the health and fitness industry. The FIA also works closely with the Government to pursue their aim for a healthier nation (see below)

What do they do?

The FIA look after members and help to promote a healthy living message to the general public through initiatives like the annual Commit to Get Fitfitness campaign. They are also actively looking to increase standards within the industry and encourage member facilities to comply with a Code of Practice. This code of practice is a set of performance standards that covers key areas that include health and safety, staff training and customer care.

Who is involved?

The FIA is a non profit making organisation with about 2,500 member organisations that include health clubs, health club operators, private gyms and fitness professionals (including personal trainers). The board of the FIA is made up of elected represntatives from within the health & fitness industry.

Who do the FIA work with?

The FIA works with a broad range of companies, organisations and the government to promote health and fitness to the general public. In particular the following initiatives :

  • The National Health Agenda

    The Fitness Industry Association works closely with Government departments to increase awareness of the benfits of an active lifestyle and to target those members of the public that do not participate in any regular activity. This is currently over 60% of the population.

  • The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

    The Register of Exercise Professionals, or REPs, is a carefully managed database of professionally qualified exercise teaching staff that was established in 2000 to raise standards within the fitness arena. Currently there are over 30,000 registered memebrs.

  • Skills Active

    The Sector Skills Council relating to professionals involved in Active Leisure and Learning. Skills active leads skills and productivity drives encompassing the sport and recreation, health and fitness and leisure sectors.

Contact the Fitness Industry Association

Fourth Floor
61 Southwark Street

Tel : FIA Members: 020 7202 4702
Tel : FIA Non Members: 020 7202 4719
Email : info @ fia. org. uk (remove spaces)
Web : www.fia.org.uk




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