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Gym routines

There are many different types of gym routines that you can follow. The key is to have clear goals and understand what different gym routines can do for you.

Perhaps the most important factor about gym routines is the simple fact that consistent workouts are one of the keys to progress - simply having some type of plan is often a big part in people working out regularly.

Varies gym routines can also allow people to train in different ways for different reasons. While you might find both a competitive swimmer and a rugby player lifting weights, their goals and their workouts will be very different.

Indeed, one of the great strengths of resistance training is the endless ways in which you can vary it to achieve your goals.

Some of the aspects that good coaches and athletes can manipulate include:

  • The type of equipment used: This can include machines, free weights, or body weight exercises.

  • The amount of weight lifted: This is very much horses for courses - the goal is not simply to lift as much weight as possible, but to lift the right amount for your specific needs.

  • The exercises used: For any given body part there are dozens of different exercises to choose from. Using the right exercise, and indeed mixing up the exercises you use, can have a dramatic effect on your progress and success.

  • Reps and sets: Those who train with weights manipulate the number of reps and sets they do endlessly to maximise their progress.

  • Other variations: Trainers and athletes have developed a whole variety of other techniques such as supersets, drop sets and pyramids to make their workouts more effective.

By training smart you can ensure that every minute of your workouts is helping you move closer to your goals.



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