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Hair styling

Effective hair styling comes down to time, know-how, and practice. Changing your hair care styling routine and methodology can help you decrease the amount of time you spend in front of the mirror each morning, but you must account for the initial added time that mastering your new look will require.

Hair styling professionals, magazines, and websites can offer you helpful advice as to which tools and products are best suited to you, and will provide you with techniques to help you practice at home. Practice is the key to change, so have patience and learn from your mistakes.

A few simple hair styling tips:

Taming unruly hair

- Big news these past few years has been hair straighteners, which are used to both straighten wavy or curly hair, but also curl and style straight hair. There are many brands on the market and they can be bought everywhere, even in your local supermarket. You should always follow the manufacturers instructions and use appropriate heat protection products

  • Curling straight hair - As above but also for loose curls, apply mousse or gel and wrap hair in foam stick rods.

  • Simple sexy up do - Blow-dry hair upside down, to create lift at the crown. Sweep hair back into a bun or a ponytail and secure with hair clips.

  • If you are considering a whole new cut, a professional will help you to select a shape that is best suited to your face shape. Many salons now offer computer programs that allow you to input your image, and load the details of your appearance and preferences into the program and then display 3D versions of a cut tailored to you.

    Suitable cuts for your face shape:
    • Round face - Layered cuts will make the face appear longer and narrower. Create height at the top of the head, and try to keep the side area and those behind your ears, flat.

    • Square face - Short, layered, wispy cuts that end near the jaw line will lessen a prominent jaw.

    • Heart face - Create the illusion of an oval by adding width at jaw line. Oval face-Virtually any look will work for this shape.

    Take the additional time and care to ensure your hair finishes off your face and complements your featrures - it makes a huge difference.



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