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Exfoliation treatments

With an exfoliation skin treatment, give the skin on your face the brush off and give yourself a new radiant glow.

As the largest organ on our body, the skin renews some of its cells every 24 hours - but we don't shed all the cells anywhere near as quickly unless we give them a helping hand.

Exfoliation removes old, dead skin cells, giving your skin a healthy glow. Dermatologists and cosmeticians agree that exfoliation should be part of your beauty regimen; after all, your skin reflects your overall health and well being.

There's a number of basic rules for exfoliation in order to ensure you remove as many cells as possible in one go.

Whether you buy expensive exfoliators, or use our tips below, for home exfoliation :

  1. Wash your face
  2. Open pores using a warm wet washcloth dabbed in your favourite essential oil
  3. Use a small amount of sea salt, baking soda, or oatmeal blended with a few drops of warm water and massage mixture into skin using small circular movements
  4. Rinse skin with cool water
  5. Moisturize

    Though suited for all skin types, this facial treatment is best suited to those with greasy or normal skin. Those who have dry or sensitive skin should use caution. Some products are more abrasive than others. If you have sensitive skin use less friction, and choose less abrasive products.

    This facial treatment should be done once a week to ensure your skin stays healthy and radiant. Over doing it can lead to the skin looking permanently flushed, caused by broken blood vessels; a condition that can only be cured by laser treatment. When in doubt, contact a professional for advice.

    Hot tip:

    Are your lips dry and peeling? To keep your lips smooth, and to ease lipstick application gently slough away dead skin with a wet toothbrush and a granulated mixture using small circular motions. Follow by moisturizing your lips with Vaseline, or chapstick.



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