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Fit for life

There is no portion control or calorie counting in the Fit for Life diet plan. Instead it claims to achieve a natural weight loss and reduction by combining specific foods in precise combinations, which have to be eaten at certain times of the day. You can also back up the fit for life diet plan by taking more exercise generally.

The drawback? Food choice is a little restricted. Seventy per cent of the Fit for Life diet plan is based on fruit and vegetables, while dairy products and meats are severely limited. As many high calorie foods are eliminated weight loss can be dramatic but in order to follow the food combining guidelines people on a Fit for Life diet may have to radically alter their lifestyle.

The best selling book on which it is based was written by husband and wife team Harvey and Marilyn Diamond and published in America by Warner Books in1985. The underlying theory is that when and how you eat is far more important for digestion and healthy nutrition than what you consume, or how much - an idea that contradicts medical evidence.

Fruits and vegetables, being high in water content, are claimed to wash the body clean of toxins but when fruit is eaten at the end of a meal it is thought that digestion is blocked, and as a result it ferments. For that reason supporters argue that it should be eaten on its own it in the morning, while vegetables should be eaten - again on their own - in the afternoon. Certain common combinations of food are thought to be especially harmful such as meat and potatoes, eggs and toast, bread and cheese, and chicken and noodles. While it is claimed that this is a permanent way of eating, if stuck to rigidly followers may well experience health problems because of a lack of calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins B12 and D. There are also concerns that this eating plan does not deliver sufficient amounts of protein.



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