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Dating tips

If you want to meet new people - read up on our dating tips as one of the beauties of online dating is that you can find out everything you want and need to know before you actually meet someone. Therefore, we thought we should provide some basic dating tips for the next stage:
  1. Remain Anonymous at first

    Try to get to know the other person - just as in real life it can be easy to tell when some people are lying. For example, stories will end up contradicting themselves or seem too extreme.
  2. Another dating tip - Give it time

    Ask probing questions to get a really good idea of who you are speaking with. Never give out any personal information such as your last name, phone number, address or even email address. A good way of achieving the last one is to get a free email account at Hotmail or Yahoo!
  3. Be cautious and follow your instincts

    As the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." If the person starts getting pushy or you are simply not comfortable for any reason (even if it is gut feel), end the conversation.
  4. Ask for an actual photograph

    If the person refuses to send you one, it probably means the photo they had on the site was someone else or there's a really good reason they don't want you to see them. By asking the right questions before hand, you'll know what the person should look like, so if the picture is way off, you know they were lying.
  5. When you call, use a public phone

    When you feel it's time to speak, get their number and call from a public phone. This way, you can't be tracked down by your phone number - you can also preface the call with 1470 in order to block the number. After speaking, you'll then know if it's safe to carry on
  6. Meeting for the FIRST TIME

    Meet for coffee or short lunch in an open place with a lot of people around. Make sure to leave your date's name, phone number and email address with someone you trust just in case.
  7. How to get there?

    If you must travel to meet the person, take care of your own transportation. Never allow them to come pick you up! If in another city, only meet in an appropriate place and make sure your family and friends know where you are and how to contact you. Finally, always take your mobile phone.

Just leave! You're under no obligation to stay, and if it's not going the way you thought, just leave. The person's feelings might be hurt, but it's better than you getting physically hurt.




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