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Fit flop shoes

fit flop shoes

Fit flop shoes

The summer must-have is the fit-flop and everyone wants this great fitness and fashion accessory. Why are fit-flops so popular? Not only do they look great but they help with toning and losing weight. Read on to find out more!

The Bottom Up
Fitflop have created a specialized midsole using micro-wobbleboardTM technology with the aim of providing a workout while you wear them. As they are instable, you have to keep balanced and this makes your foot and leg muscles work even harder.

Engaging the leg muscles

The unique sole of this shoe will help increase the response of your hamstring, glutenal, calf and thigh muscles. This aids in the shaping and toning of your legs.

Burning fat

As you take each step, these unique shoes will engage the slow-twitch muscles in your legs which is beyond what you would get if you were wearing normal shoes. This type of muscle helps to convert fat into energy and therefore can help you to burn those extra calories.

Protect your joints

Not only are these shoes comfortable but the additional cushion of the base of the shoe will help reduce the stress and shock that your knees, feet and back face in your walking day-to-day.

These shoes are great for those new to exercise who feel the use of the leg muscles more than ever before. It's also useful for those who are keen exercisers as shock absorption is important in protecting the joints. What is certain is no matter how experienced you are in the fitness realm, this new and fashionable footwear is the way to go this season!




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