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Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress relief is a management skill we all need to acquire because it is impossible to eliminate anxiety from our lives. However, we can develop ways of stress relief and dealing with it so that we don't feel swamped, or feel as if everything is in danger of going out of control.

Recent scientific studies of stress relief have confirmed that physical activity is an important way of dealing with stress. Research has shown that jogging for 30 minutes three times a week is as effective as psychotherapy in treating depression. Even taking a stroll during the lunch hour will ease tension.

Discovering how to say no is one way of dealing with stress. Many people feel burdened by pressure because in their personal or professional life - or in both - they find it difficult to assert their own needs. However, saying 'yes' when you would rather say 'no' creates problems rather than solves them. A straightforward and polite 'no' is usually much easier for the other person to deal with than indecision or reluctant agreement.

While some people live by the maxim that you should never explain and never apologise, it is sometimes appropriate to give a brief (genuine) reason for your decision but don't feel the need to say sorry. There is nothing wrong with turning down a request. In the same way, there is nothing wrong with making time for the things that give personal pleasure whether that is chatting with friends, reading a book or taking a long relaxing bath.

Life lived solely through other people is a life that is riddled with inner tension. Carving out personal time and space is not selfish, but an essential ingredient in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.




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