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Stretch marks

If you need to reduce your stretch marks or remove unsightly scaring completely, consider either stretch mark creams or cosmetic surgery!

This type of scaring results from tearing that occurs to the dermis, or middle layer of skin which is generally due to a rapid growth spurt, pregnancy or obesity. The most common cause of stretch marks being obesity!

Since it's the middle layer of skin that's affected, it's hard to find an effect stretch mark cream or treatment that will really reduced the appearance of the fine red, pink and white scars. There are lots of stretch mark products on the market, which work to varying degrees of success, though it's important to remember that stretch mark treatment plans tend to result in the lessening of the appearance of scars rather than getting rid of them completely.

So how can you tell which stretch mark treatment is bogus and which might actually be able to help you?

The first thing to know is that while studies have shown some evidence that creams rich in vitamin E, retinol and collagen-elastin might go some way towards preventing the appearance of these scars, there are no creams on the market that will remove the scaring once it has occurred. So don't spend your money on creams as a removal method.

The most successful way of dealing with the scaring is surgical. Laser surgery has been shown to be reasonably effective, and though it won't remove scars entirely, it can reduce their appearance. Laser surgery works by carefully burning off the scar tissue. The procedure will take place gradually, in a number of repeat visits to your surgeon over a couple of months. The procedure can be painful, and is rather expensive. In addition, a new method of laser surgery called fractional laser resurfacing has been found to work by creating tiny wounds in the dermis which causes the body to jumpstart the production of collagen.

Other methods for removal include dermabrasion, which is achieved by removing the affected skin layer by layer in a method not dissimilar to sandblasting; and taking prescription retinoids.

If you are considering any kind of removal procedure be sure to contact your doctor first.



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