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Personal training industry standards

For many years the health and fitness business was largely unregulated, with no personal training industry standards. That meant that there were a lot of cowboys operating, and consumers had a hard time separating the good from the bad. However, in recent years personal training industry standards have been established which allow you to make discerning choices.

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For personal trainers, the most important of these industry standards is the Exercise Register for Fitness Professionals (aka REPs, Register of Exercise Professionals). REPS is self-regulatory system for all trainers, instructors, coaches, and teachers working in the fields of fitness and exercise.

REPS is designed to create a framework within which individual trainers can achieve the highest levels of professionalism, linked to best practice in the business. Registration is achieved by undertaking training and gaining nationally recognised qualifications in exercise and fitness.

Registration signifies that the trainer meets certain levels of good practice. The REPs encourages a properly qualified base of exercise professionals who:

  • Have gained recognised and approved qualifications
  • Are able to show competence in their working environment
  • Are committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Have public liability insurance appropriate for the level at which they are working
  • Are committed to the Code of Ethical Practice
There are currently 4 categories on the register:
  • Assistant Fitness Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Advanced Fitness Instructor
  • Clinical Exercise Practitioner

So when you are looking for a personal trainer, ask them about their training and qualifications. If they do not meet at least REPS level three, you should be wary about engaging their services.




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