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Seven rules to stay injury free

Most of us feel that injuries just happen - they are down to bad luck, or something similar. But the reality is that most injuries can be traced back to bad workout habits. Here's the lowdown on the major causes of injuries and how to avoid them.

One of the main reasons that people quit exercising is that they get hurt. And while it's impossible to completely eliminate risk, there are several strategies you can follow that will help reduce your chances of getting injured.

If you talk to any physiotherapist or sport medicine specialist they will tell you that most injuries can be traced to problems with the athlete's training.

Before we look at the problem areas, it's worth mentioning the tool that will help you analyze your workouts effectively - a training diary.

Many of the problems we're about to discuss are cumulative issues, not simply something you do once that will cause you to get hurt.

If you keep a regular training diary it will help you to see the patterns in your workouts - are you consistent, are you progressing gradually, are there any dramatic changes to your program? - all of which can lead to injury.



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