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Fitness industry association

The Fitness Industry Association ( or FIA ) is the trade body for the health and fitness sector, with over 1600 operator members including all the major chain operators and in excess of 100 suppliers. The Fitness Industry Association aim to promote excellence and best practice within the health and fitness sector. The FIA focuses on three major areas:

  1. Representation
    The Fitness Industry Association is involved in funded pilot schemes to measure and illustrate to the government the 'power' of physical activity. This evidence will add weight to the argument in support of the sector.

    A secondary focus has been the pressure applied to gain release of a major statement from the Chief Medical Officer. Based upon a major review of the evidence, this report is akin to the 1996 US Surgeon General's report on the harmful effects of physical inactivity. This report could have a similar impact to the 1960's anti-smoking message.

  2. Media Communication
    Recently, the FIA has secured NHS backing of its Commit to Get Fit campaign. This not only acts as a huge membership recruitment campaign clubs, it also acts as an endorsement for the sector is a national fitness awareness initiative.

  3. Professional Standards
    The Code of Practice is a minimum set of operational standards that members either comply with or work towards. This is acknowledged by government and is a major initiative that supports the credibility of the sector. Research suggests that 1 in 5 prospective clients who tour a facility and didn't join would have been more likely to do so had the facility been a member. The aim is to build upon this figure and make certified members the club of choice for the consumer.

    The organisation also engages in research on operational procedures and performance of operators - the research into member retention, for example, is respected as the most advanced in the world and has had a profound effect on those who have adopted the guiding principles.





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