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Phosphagen creatine supplements

Since recovery is absolutely critical for seeing results, supplementing with Phosphagen helps you accomplish this goal in record time.

Created by the scientists at EAS, Phosphogen is a form of creatine that has been tested time and time again, showing superior results to that of other brand names.

The main product highlights that Phosphogen offers is an increase in muscle size and strength, and increase in lean body mass, the delaying of fatigue that is typically seen during a weight lifting workout, and enhancement of recovery after you are finished your intense exercise session.

This product works in the body by helping to replenish the muscular ATP stores quicker, which is the primary source of fuel for intense physical activity. When these ATP stores become depleted, that is when you start seeing the problems such as fatigue, weakness, and eventually, the cessation of exercise entirely.

By taking this product however, you give your body more phosphate to work with, which is then transformed into ATP, thus serving to prolong your workout and give you the benefits described above.

In order for the product to work most effectively, it's recommended that you consume 1 ? tsp (5 grams), four times each day for the first five days, and then proceed to take 1 ? tsp once or twice per day thereafter.

It should be noted as well that when you first start using this product, it is typical to see an increase in water weight, so don't get overly concerned if this occurs with you.




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