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Athletes defence for a healthy immune system

The EAS product Athletes Defence is going to be your best weapon when it comes to keeping your immune system strong.

Athletes Defence is a good product to consider supplementing with, regardless of what type of training you are partaking in because any time you are performing intense physical activity on a regular basis, you are placing a great deal of stress on the body.

With this added stress is going to come a depletion of the body's reserves that would normally go towards fighting off invading bacteria and virus's, thus making you more susceptible to becoming ill.

Athletes Defence has been designed by EAS in order to give highly athletic individuals that extra edge they need when they are pushing their body to the max.

The product contains a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene, selenium, and zinc. These are all going to work together to help fend off anything that may cause damage to your system.

In addition to this, they will help to prevent the oxidative stress that occurs on the muscle tissue when exercise is performed, which can lead to muscular soreness or potentially an increase risk of becoming injured.

In order for this product to work most effectively, you should aim to take it twice daily, preferably when you are eating a meal.




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