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Muscle armor sports supplements

In the war against the loss of lean body tissue, Muscle Armor helps provide protection. EAS has put in a great deal of research into their Muscle Armor product to ensure that when you are using it, the body is going to carefully guard its lean fibres in order to maximize fat burning ability, while keeping your metabolism revved.

When an athlete is really pushing their boundaries, the chance for overtraining begins to set in. It is a fine line between providing just enough stimulus to really spark some muscle growth and too much that you start giving your body so much it is not able to recover.

When the body doesn't recover and then you go back to the gym once again and hit it with more exercise, that's when you start to break down the tissue, resulting in a decrease in mass.

Muscle Armor however, helps to prevent this from happening as it has a unique blend of ingredients that will be delivered to the tissues at just the right time.

The product consists of a blend of arginine, glutamine, and HMB, all of which have been shown to enhance recovery processes on their own. When combined together, they really give you a full force effort to ensure your body composition is as best as it can be.

The product is designed to be taken in a one scoop serving, mixed with 12-14 oz. of water, twice per day with your meals. Doing so will deliver you the best results when combined with a healthy diet and proper workout routine.




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