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Betagen for lean muscle mass

For those seeking an increase in lean mass and strength, Betagen works as a great choice of product to use.

Designed by EAS, Betagen has been university tested to help those who are trying to gain lean muscle tissue succeed faster and with a higher rate of success.

Betagen is the first product that combines HMB with creatine along with the amino acids taurine and glutamine. This complex works together in the body to really deliver results, much more than simple creatine would alone.

In addition to these critical nutrients, you'll also receive the antioxidant support of vitamin C and vitamin E upon taking it, as well as a full supply of the B-vitamins, which enable the body to produce energy better.

The main functions of this product are to help increase the lean muscle tissue on the body, as well as suppress the rate of muscle protein breakdown that is seen after you do a hard workout. It will also enhance the rate at which you recover at, thus allowing you to get back into the gym quicker in between workouts.

What really sets this product apart is that it contains more glutamine than other typical products that aim to achieve similar goals, thus furthering the recovery you see. This is absolutely critical for those who really like to push themselves to the max with each and every workout. If you are not taking steps to ensure proper repair is taking place, all you end up doing is breaking down your body more with each workout you do.




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