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Oceanic aqua balancing

Not so common but Oceanic aqua balancing is a type of water massage and hydrotherapy. It uses the therapeutic properties of water to help restore your life energy as well as the sense of proportion within your mind, body and spirit. As our bodies are two thirds water, oceanic aqua balancing and hydrotherapy harness flowing water because it has a deep connection with the flow of our own life force.

What are the benefits?
When our life force becomes blocked or stagnated, we become more susceptible to disease and illness. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that disease refers to a lack of harmony within your entire being. Oceanic aqua balancing and hydrotherapy are a powerful way to restore the natural flow of energy around the body thereby boosting your natural immune systems.

It is also extremely relaxing and pleasant. It represents an ideal way to wash away all the stresses of modern living and really chill out. It will leave you feeling blissfully calm and well in yourself.

It's good for easing chronic fatigue, tension headaches or lower back pain. It also can help improve coordination and restore movement to painful or stiff joints. It's used also as a form of meditation and a way of releasing mental or emotional tension. By mentally and spiritually connecting with the power of water, you can achieve a greater sense of harmony within yourself and your environment.

It's a way to connect with the beauty and force of nature. In the hectic world of the twenty first century, it's more important than ever to make some space for your own peace of mind and to take time to relax to give your body a chance to heal itself.



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