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Brine Baths

A warm pool with naturally salted water is known as abrine bath. These pools can be up to ten times stronger in salt concentration than seawater so are great for floatation. Temperatures are generally around thirty-six degrees Celsius.

Some of them were originally constructed to help cholera victims back in the nineteenth century, as the salt water and floatation was believed to have powerful therapeutic properties. Floatation in brine baths is a similar experience to being in the Dead Sea.

The high salt content causes your body to float effortlessly and the resulting weightlessness is a most remarkable and agreeable sensation. It's a good idea to wear an old bathing suit as salt is corrosive and also to shower thoroughly afterwards.

What are the benefits?
The healing properties of salt enriched water have been known for centuries. The Victorians were particularly fond of 'taking the waters' and built a number of now famous brine baths in the UK.

Today people still find that this can be a wonderful treatment for easing aches and pains caused by muscle strain or rheumatism. The extra buoyancy of salted water can be particularly good for those recovering from injuries or in postoperative care.

It also can help elderly people to regain flexibility and lose stiffness in their joints and muscles. Even if you consider yourself to be in good health, it's still a great way to relax and reduce the stress levels caused by the pace of modern living. You can just let yourself float in pure bliss and peace.



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