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The treatment Hydrotherapy covers the many different ways in which water can be used as a healing force. Water can be used therapeutically in pools, baths or special environments such as the Dead Sea.

The term hydrotherapy was first used in 1876 and a literal translation would be 'water treatment'. It can involve the use of affusion showers, bathing in waters at different temperatures, as well as douches and mineral enriched pools.

What are the benefits?
Different forms of hydrotherapy are used to treat different conditions and problems. All however aim to increase your overall sense of well being. Water can be used in various ways to heal your body, mind and spirit because it is the substance that makes up most of our physical being.

It can ease physical aches and pains as well as improving circulation and breathing. It can help to boost your natural immune system and leave you feeling re-energized, clean, and invigorated. These treatments can allow your body to absorb important minerals which restore balance and improve bodily functions.

They wash away not only surface dirt but the accumulation of stress and fatigue that can weigh down your being. They're very useful for recovering after a long illness, injury or operation. Chronic conditions that do not necessarily respond well to conventional medicine can be eased or cleared up.

Mobility and flexibility can be greatly improved and you are left feeling younger and healthier. They also help the mind to relax and to open yourself up to a greater appreciation of the present moment as well as new ideas and creativity.



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