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Flower baths

A form of hydrotherapy, flower baths, where flowers are placed in the water. It's best to use organically grown plants, as these are less likely to be polluted by pesticides. In South America, flower baths and hydrotherapy have been used for centuries as a means of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Traditionally, prayers were said over the flower baths so that it was also a religious and mystic experience. Nowadays they are more often used as a very effective way of unwinding from a stressful lifestyle. This form of hydrotherapy is extremely relaxing and pleasant. Sometimes music is also played to add to your enjoyment.

What are the benefits?
As people have discovered that Western medicine, including antibiotics, is not without its limitations, there has been an increasing recognition of older forms of healing that relied on natural plants.

The Chinese, as well as Native Americans, believed that certain types of blossoms had different healing properties. For example evening primrose is thought to be good for PMT while rose petals increase circulation and relieve depression. Jasmine is also held to be good for reducing stress levels while chrysanthemum eases headaches.

When diffused in water, these petals also help to moisturize and nourish your skin leaving it softer and sweet smelling. They remove impurities and are deeply cleansing. The scents rising in the steam are a powerful form of aromatherapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. They also help to stimulate your body's natural immune system so that you are better able to fight off infections and illness.



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