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Saltwater bath

The baths themselves are generally designed to be pleasant and relaxing to be in. The salt gives the water a more gentle quality for your hydrotherapy treatment. The smell is particularly fresh and clean. You can also create your own saltwater bath at home using special crystals or powders.

What are the benefits?
The healing properties of this type of bathing have been known for hundreds of years. They became particularly popular in the UK in Victorian times. The high salt content is believed to be particularly good for removing toxins through a process of osmosis.

This leaves your skin feeling softer and more supple. It can also ease aches and pains caused by sports injuries or rheumatism. Mobility can be restored to sore joints and it can be a good therapy for the elderly or those recovering from surgery.

It's very good for relaxing tired muscles and easing headaches caused by tension or anxiety. The sensation of floating found with this type of bathing is very good for reducing stress levels in general. The salt makes you more buoyant giving an agreeable feeling of lightness and relaxation.

It's also believed to help restore the body's natural balance and to promote your natural self-healing processes. It's an excellent way to really unwind and give yourself a treat in a healthy and safe environment.



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