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Taking place in water, Aquabalance is a form of exercise therapy. It involves a series of movements, some of which are very gentle whilst others are more rigorous, while floating in warm water.

Qualified therapists teach Aquabalance as exercise therapy. The water temperature is generally around thirty-five degrees Celsius.

What are the benefits?
Aquabalancea exercise therapy is an excellent way to promote your overall fitness and increase your sense of well being. The resistance caused by the water helps to strengthen your muscles. It also tones the body all over and not just specific areas.

It can also greatly enhance your sense of balance and coordination. It can be done by all ages, young and old, as well as pregnant women, as there is little danger of injury caused by sudden brutal movements or overstraining. The water both protects and nurtures you. It is deeply relaxing and helps to reduce stress levels.

There is none of the sweating and discomfort sometimes associated with other forms of exercise. Instead your body's circulation system is stimulated causing more oxygen to be pumped through your heart while not causing undue strain or fatigue.

Sessions are generally very pleasant as well as social. Some people find that this kind of exercise helps them to meditate or just to generally let go of anxiety and worry. You'll leave feeling chilled out but also stimulated. Continued practice can increase energy levels and reduce chronic fatigue so that you feel younger and better in yourself.



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