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Widely available Physiotherapy is a form of physical treatment for disability and disease. It involves the use of exercise, massage and other means to help improve physical health.

While a recognised part of conventional Western medicine, physiotherapy also looks at your body as a whole entity and can often incorporate complimentary therapies from other traditions. This may include acupuncture and forms of Eastern massage. Your entire lifestyle and physical state will be taken into account as part of your diagnosis. These treatments are non-medical in the sense that drugs are not generally used.

What are the benefits?
Physiotherapy is most commonly associated with treatment after a sports injury or other form of physical accident. Special exercises are used to help rebuild damaged tissue or torn muscles. Massage may also be used to restore flexibility and ease stiffness or pain. It can help those with a physical disability or recovering from a stroke.

Those suffering from backache also often find treatment reduces pain and discomfort. In addition, it is used for a wide range of conditions beyond damage to your muscular or skeletal system. Qualified practitioners work in many different settings including intensive care units, old people's homes, mental hospitals, as well as schools, workplaces and private clinics.

They can help to treat mental illness as well as emotional difficulties. Older people find that these treatments can restore movement and physical strength. Conditions as varied as tetinitus and incontinence can also be considered. The overall aim is to restore your body to its peak performance and improve your overall health and well being.



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