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The treatment thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word for sea. It is based on the idea that both sea air and water are particularly good for restoring health and vitality. First developed in France in 1867 by Dr De la Bonardhiere, thalassotherapy draws on ancient Eastern healing methods.

It uses immersion in sea water and/or other sea environments, such as sand, mud, clay, plankton or algae, to help restore your body's natural balance. Thalassotherapy holds that the minerals and vitamins contained in the sea have powerful therapeutic benefits.

What are the benefits?
Different types of pools, baths and showers are used to achieve a wide variety of results. These treatments are particularly good for arthritis and rheumatism as bathing in warm seawater can help restore movement to joints.

Sea mud is also very good for relieving pain in joints and easing sports injuries. Sea water contains not only sodium chloride but other important minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Louison Bobet, a champion French cyclist, made these treatments hugely popular in France in the sixties when he opened up his own centre. He'd been inspired to bring the treatment to others after using it to recover from a serious car accident.

Nowadays hydromassage jets are sometimes used to alternately spray hot and cold seawater on your body to promote circulation and the lymphatic system. Respiratory problems can be helped as well as those arising from poor diet and/or obesity. These treatments are also excellent for relieving stress and fatigue as well as promoting an over all feeling of improved well being.



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