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A caldarium in ancient Roman times referred to the hottest room in the baths. Still today, when you visit certain baths you can move from room to room with the temperature gradually increasing.

This helps stimulate the blood and respiratory systems. The room before the caldarium is known as the tepidarium. A caldarium usually contains a hot plunge bath. Temperatures range generally between forty two to forty five degrees centigrade. The room itself will be hot and steamy. The air is often infused with aromatic smells to stimulate the senses. Music and light effects may also be used. A hose can be provided for cooling off and refreshing. The walls are often tiled and the setting of the steam room is designed to make you feel at ease.

What are the benefits?
The steam helps to open up the pores in your skin and bring toxins to the surface where they can be washed away. This helps to leave your skin softer and fresher. The heat stimulates blood circulation, which in turn boosts your natural immune system. It also increases your metabolic rate. The warm moist air is also good for minor respiratory difficulties such as mild asthma. (Severe asthmatics should exercise caution.) This a very good way to de-stress as well as purifying your skin. The room is often designed to be relaxing and calming. This helps to free up your mind for meditation and increased creativity. You will be left feeling cleaner as well as more peaceful in yourself.



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