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Nutritional counselling

Have you considered the holistic approach of nutritional counselling to manage your health and weight control. Rather than crash diets and starvation, the emphasis here is on educating you to understand how better to take care of your body.

Nutritional counselling teaches you how to make healthier choices in terms of what you eat and the lifestyle you lead. Therapists will ask you questions about your current eating habits, lifestyle, and state of health. They will then draw up a diet plan and suggested exercise regime that is specifically tailored to your needs.

What are the benefits?
The aim of nutritional counselling is to empower you to achieve better overall fitness and vitality. There is a focus on controlled and sustainable weight loss. By focusing on individual health and diet, the aim is to reach the correct weight for your body.

It's not about instant results, which in most cases tend to be short lived, but changing your whole diet outlook over time. This more gradual approach is not only more realistic but puts less strain on your system so that your body learns to appreciate a healthier way of living.

It's particularly effective for those suffering from chronic conditions such as food intolerances, coeliac disease, or allergies. Many of us fail to realise that certain foods or habits do not agree with our bodies and that by changing them, you can ease a wide variety of problems from hay fever to PMT. It can also help with emotional disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.



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