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Heat treatments

There are many different types of heat treatments. Dry heat treatments include the Thermarium sauna, which is Finnish in origin. A wood lined room is heated so that you begin to perspire heavily.

A kneipp hose may be used to cool down occasionally and to rinse the body for a refreshing effect that stimulates circulation. A saunarium is where humidity is released into the air for a wet heat effect. Water may be added periodically to a heater to create more steam. With different heat treatments, the temperature varies but is generally around eighty degrees centigrade.

In some saunas, light and music may be added to stimulate your senses. A Turkish hamman is another type of steam room where scents are released into warm moist air for an aroma therapeutic effect. Aromatic herb baths are also very popular. Or you can try the dry float soft pack system whereby your body dry floats in a waterproof sheet. What are the benefits?

These types of treatment are deeply relaxing. They will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Sweating helps to purify the skin by bringing impurities and toxins to the surface. They can then be washed away leaving your skin feeling softer and silkier. By gently heating your body, you can stimulate blood circulation, which is important for this inner cleansing of the body.

Improved circulation also boosts your natural immune system as does lowering your stress levels. The warmth and the enjoyable atmosphere created during these types of sessions are an excellent way to escape from the hectic pace of modern life. So take some time to indulge yourself.



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