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Magnetic therapy

The principle of magnetic therapy is simple. Magnet therapy is the use of magnets for healing purposes. There are many different types and strengths that can be used mind.

The magnets can be strapped to the body for a period of time or as you may be ware, magnetic therapy bracelets and jewellery are a popular option as are magnet therapy shoe or bedding products.

The idea being that magnetic fields have an impact on the body which can be harnessed for healing. The ancient Egyptians used magnets, as did the Greek physician, Hippocrates, to treat a wide variety of disorders. Initial treatment may cause nausea or tiredness as toxins are moved closer to the surface of the body.

You should avoid using magnet therapy if you have a pacemaker, or other electronic body installation, as well as certain blood disorders. It's best to speak to a qualified therapist to discover what treatment would best suit your needs.

What are the benefits?
Magnet therapy has been shown to help the healing of bone fractures. The magnets can cause calcium to move towards damaged nerve tissue or bone thereby increasing natural healing. It's also thought to be effective in treating chronic back pain as well as arthritis and other joint disorders.

Biomagnets are thought to attract iron in the blood, which increases blood circulation and in turn helps the body to heal faster. Urinary incontinence can also be treated. In addition to physical problems, emotional disorders may also be eased. According to the principles of ancient Chinese medicine, magnets have an impact on the flow of your life energy through your body. The North Pole represents the Yin or negative energy while the South Pole represents the positive energy of Yang. Using magnets is believed to help restore your body's natural balance of energy, thereby improving your overall physical and mental health.



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