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Master NLP

The Master NLP certification is for those who already have a good working knowledge of the subject, but want to move on to the next level.

Basic practitioner skills are extensive, involving as they do 120 hours of study, and the Master NLP level builds on this. Through an extended study of systems, modelling and advanced strategies, you will greatly increasing your capacity for personal and professional change and success.

Achieving the Master NLP level will impact many areas of your life, including:

  • Dramatically improving your communication skills
  • Deepening your understanding of NLP
  • Refining your thinking skills
  • Enhancing your understanding of the patterns that drive people's personalities
  • Developing your ability to model and replicate talent

As with all courses of this nature, there are numerous providers offering the training. Before starting any course, be sure that the provider has a good reputation, and that the certification offered is recognised.

As there is no central regulatory body for this field, numerous groups and organisations offer their own certification schemes reflecting how they believe NLP should be taught and practiced.

If you intend to use your qualification as a career tool, be sure that the course is widely recognized by certification bodies such as the ANLP or the ABNLP.

What gives these bodies credibility is that they are independent organisations - not affiliated with any specific training school - and thus offer a universal accreditation scheme that is open to all certified NLP Trainers.




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