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NLP master practitioner

The NLP Master Practitioner certification is an advanced qualification for those who have already achieved the initial level and wish to advance their skills still further.

An in depth, comprehensive course, the NLP Master Practitioner training builds on your existing skills, allowing you to more fully develop your techniques and models.

Modelling is a key part of the skills required for the NLP Master Practitioner certification - it exists throughout the course as you learn by modelling the skills you are being taught.

This level of training will allow you to:

  • Conduct advanced change processes with both individuals and groups
  • Engage in cognitive and behavioural modelling projects
  • Use advanced linguistic protocols for influencing change and design

The course is demanding, involving a further 120 hours training in the application of more advanced skills in both your own life and those of others. While courses vary from one provider to another, certification typically involves completing a written assignment based on your self study, as well undertaking a modelling project and presenting it to a small group.

With so many different providers offering this training, it is important to ensure that your chosen provider is accredited with an organization such as the ANLP or the ABNLP, and that your qualification has wide spread recognition.




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