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NLP techniques

Newcomers to the field often wonder about NLP techniques - just how does this fascinating system work, and what are the 'tricks of the trade'?

In truth, NLP techniques are not as big a part of the process as you might imagine - it is much more about attitude and modelling than NLP techniques per se.

However, that is not to say that they don't exist - it is just important to remember that success is as much about how you use them, and noticing the response you get. Ultimately NLP techniques should be used holistically, as tools to help you move a client to where they want to go.

Some of the most popular NLP techniques include:

  • Embedded Commands: These are commands that are embedded in a sentence, making them less likely to be noticed and more likely to be followed.

  • Fast Phobia Cure: A quick and effective technique for any big fear.

  • Outcomes: A vital tool to help clients think about what they want in a way that it easier and more fun to achieve.

  • Six step reframing: A gentle and respectful way to elicit behaviour change by extracting the solution from the client's unconscious mind.

  • Stake Elicitation and anchor: Enables the client to access a useful state and then re access it in the future.

  • Timeline: By exploring challenges and opportunities from different perspectives of time - either in the future or in the past - it is often easier to come up with a plan.




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