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Lower abs workouts

Its worth developing some effective lower ab workouts as most people when thinking about their mid-section, most individuals always seem to have a hang-up with their lower abs.

They often wonder what type of exercises will target the lower abs specifically and why they can never seem to lose that last little bit of fat that just clings on there.

First off for an effective lower abs workout, the key to having good lower abs is going to be getting to a respectably low body fat level. This is going to be best accomplished through your diet and a proper weight training and cardio routine. Do not over look the importance of weight training when it comes to getting low body fat levels as it is going to significantly increase your metabolism. Diet however, definitely trumps any form of exercise. If this is not in line, your hopes of getting a lean mid-section are likely unrealistic.

The next thing for a lower abs workout is you need to know is that the stomach muscles are not broken up into portions as some people believe. There are not going to be specific exercises that work only this muscle or only that, they will work as a unit altogether to achieve whatever movement you are trying to execute. While you can definitely target one area slightly more, it is impossible to isolate them completely.

Furthermore, doing an excessive amount of stomach strengthening exercises, as many do because they believe this is key to developing their coveted 'six pack', is not a good approach because it will make the waist appear much thicker. It is highly likely you are not going for a wider appearance, regardless of whether the muscles show or not, so be smart with your approach and limit the number of exercises you do to avoid this problem.

The exercises which you should include would be leg raises, reverse crunches (bringing the knees to the chest) and the 'plank' exercise. This last one in particular is really good as it teaches you to pull your stomach in tight which is exactly what you want when looking for a firm, toned middle.

So don't let those midsection myths allude you, focus on your diet and the rest of your training. Do that properly and before you know it, the bottom portion of your stomach will be looking great.




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