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Core workouts

Setting aside some time in your training to develop oyur core workouts is definitely worth your while. Whenever you do any strength training exercise you are going to call upon your core for additional support and strength and if it is weak, you might have great difficulties maintaining proper form.

When thinking about what type of core workouts to do for your stomach, really think about functional training. This would include any type of core workouts that gets you using more every day type of movements. The reason this is so beneficial is because it will transfer directly over into 'real life' much more than if you had just performed typical ab work.

One good example of this would be standing back to back with a partner and then passing a medicine ball back and forth by twisting to the side to execute the pass. Since you often do twisting movements every day (which also often lead to injuries), strengthening these muscles will really help to prevent back pain down the road.

Another really great way to exercise this section of the body is with an exercise ball. Try performing many of your classical strength training moves on it such as chest presses, military presses, dumbbell curls and so on. Since while you are sitting on the ball doing these movements your base of support is not sturdy, you will need to use your abdominal muscles in order to steady yourself.

As you progress you might even try doing standing exercises on the ball (first try standing atop it and then advance to squatting on the ball). Having a spotter while trying either of those movements is very essential though for your safety.

So make sure you don't neglect this very important section of your body from your workouts. The great news is that it will be worked on any exercise you perform as long as you mentally pay attention to it and focus on keeping the muscles tight and contracted. Then also setting aside some additional time for specific exercises will enhance your results even more.




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