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Hip Stretch

One very good hip stretch that you should always be sure to include in your program is a type of cross over lunge. To perform this you will get into a position on the floor so you are in a kneeling position. Then slowly extend one leg out behind you and allow your bum to move to the side slightly so that the foot is now on the inside of the leg (knee is still fully bent). This should allow you to feel a very deep pull on the back glute muscle as well as all along the front of the leg that is behind you. If you can, carefully lower your body to the ground in front of you, thinking of pressing the stomach into the ground. Hold this position for around thirty seconds and then rise up once again to perform this hip stretch on the other leg.

The second hip stretch exercise to perform is done by sitting on the floor, knees slightly bent in front of you. Then stretch one leg out so the knee is straight and twist the body, bringing the opposite shoulder to the knee. Hook the arm around the knee to give yourself leverage and then apply a slight twisting force so you experience a deep pull. Take a few deep breaths in while you hold this position and then repeat on the other side.

Finally a last exercise that would be good to perform would be a simple swinging action. This will help to loosen up the muscles in this area and prevent a limited range of motion from developing. To do this simply stand so that you have something firm to hold onto and then begin swinging the leg forwards and then backwards, trying to reach up higher each rep. It is still important to maintain some control during this movement however do try and let your muscles relax as you will then be able to experience an increased path of movement.




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