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Hip Program

Any good hip program will incorporate exercises that work both the front muscles and the back muscles. The thing to remember when performing a hip program is that many of the lower body movements are very inclusive, meaning you will work more than one muscle group at a time.

First to cover the back area in your hip program, include at least one type of deadlift. The various different forms would be stiff legged deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, single legged deadlifts, and deadlifts performed upon a box. All of these will target the whole back side of your body and are great for developing strength and power.

Next for the front of this area, try and perform at least one type of squat and then one type of lunge. The many different squats are sumo squats, front squats, back squats, single leg squats, split squats and jump squats. With lunges on the other hand you can do walking lunges, stationary lunges, reverse lunges, side-to-side lunges or jump lunges.

Any of these varieties combined with one of the deadlifts mentioned above will give you a very well rounded approach to your routine as far as strength is concerned. Aim to include three to six total sets (so say three sets of two different exercises) for both front and back. You should be looking to lift a weight that has you fatiguing at about ten reps and then taking about sixty to ninety seconds of rest in between.

Complete this workout as part of a full body workout three times a week or else as an upper/lower split twice per week and before you know it you will be strong and injury free.




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